LiRON’s batteries offers wide range of application from small single cell appliances like a torch light and power bank to medium size applications in home appliances to large battery packs applications like E-bike and E-V and Energy Storage systems.

Power Tools

Cordless power tools like drills, saws, grinders etc are more common these days compared to those with cables. To meet this demand, LiRON’s batteries are compatible with the various power tools.

E Bike/E Scooter

E-mobility is on the rise and will be the future of transportation. LiRON’s battery cells are capable of forming into the various battery packs required for these E-mobility vehicles.


UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply are used to protect equipment or hardware where power disruption could affect business or lives. Therefore batteries are used as back-up..

Home Appliances

Home appliances like the vacuum cleaner or robo-vacuum runs on batteries and are all wireless. With smart homes and IoT becoming a growing trend, batteries will be required to fulfil these.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

Electric vehicles, like the other E-mobility all runs on batteries and battery packs. EV is the future of transportation, with growing numbers of car manufacturing going into the green and clean electric vehicles.

Remote Surveillance

Together with Smart Home, Smart Cities are also transforming major cities like Singapore. Wireless CCTV and other securities equipment mostly runs on batteries.

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