About LiRON

LiRON LIB Power is a Singapore based Hi-Tech Company focusing on rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries research, design, development and manufacturing. Batteries developed and produced by LiRON focuses on high cycle life, fast charging, higher discharge current and good safety performance that also works well at low temperature and with high temperature tolerance.

Our Strengths

These features make the battery cells ideal for applications in power tools, portable home appliances, E-bike/E-scooter and EV.

Another area is in the Energy Storage System (ESS) for solar, wind and other renewable energy applications where wide temperature range and safety are most desirable.

Partnering with reliable material suppliers and research collaborations with various research institutes/universities in the region ensures the Company produces batteries with the latest technology in materials and efficient manufacturing process.

Our Expertise

LiRON markets its battery cells in the ASEAN region through agencies and distribution partners.

LiRON also provides technical assistance and support to partners establishing battery packs assembly operation.

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